Newspapers Collections
Brechin has digitized close to a million original newspaper pages.The team specializes in newspapers that require special clean up and care.
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Digital Archiving Expertise

Brechin has developed cost effective techniques that ensure customers receive images that meet NARA, LAC, IMPACT archiving standards. The company has developed extensive imaging expertise in the following areas:

Rare Books and Manuscripts
Brechin has been chosen to digitized rare books and manuscripts of some of the worlds most famous authors.
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Digital Archiving of Paintings and Artifacts
The team at Brechin has photographed and digitized well over 100,000 works of art, museum archives and other government and corporate archives.
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Digitization of Film and Glass Plate Negatives 
Brechin has digitization hundreds of thousands of photographic images. 
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Courtesy of the New England School of Law Archives Library
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Data Conversion Project Managment
The managment team at Brechin has experience in designing and managing large digital conversion projects in North America and Europe. Contact us for details.
Document and Digital Library Conversions
Brechin has developed digitization techniques that reduce the time and money required to complete digital library conversions while guaranteeing the quality of each image file.
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Digitization of Microfilm
Brechin, the low cost provider, maximizes fidelity and embeds the quality metadata into each file.
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Brown University
A Complete Digital Archiving Portfolio

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