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Brechin has digitized over half a million original newspaper pages. We have worked with university, town and city newspaper collections making them searchable and available over the Internet. 

In many cases the newspaper collections are made up of old poorly processed microfilm images and along with original newspapers bound in over size books. 

Brechin has established a conversion process that makes it cost efficient to digitize all the original paper content. This can eliminate mixing poor quality images from the microfilm with the better quality scans taken from the original paper. 

The result is a high fidelity collection with a consistent look that reflects the original newspaper.

Now there is an affordable method of digitizing newspaper collections without sacrificing image quality. This means a higher quality consistent look when the collection is viewed over the Internet.

On occasion Brechin is sent some very fragile news print, our expertise in archive and museum artifact handling enables us to provide special clean up and care.

Clean derivative files will maximize the accuracy of your Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. This will increase the searchable usefulness of the digital newspaper files.

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The Lantern Student Newspaper Archives   
Ohio State University - from 1800's to 1996.
Princeton Daily Student Newspaper Archive   Princeton University - from 1800's to present.
Yale Daily News 
Yale University the oldest college daily newspaper published in the United States.
Daily Herald 
Brown University student newspaper.
The Glebe Report 
Ottawa community newspaper from 1970's
Columbia Daily Spectator
Columbia University student newspaper.
Below are few of the newspaper collections we have digitized:

Brown University
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