Digitizing Film and Glass Plates

Brechin offers a complete range of high quality digital conversion options for photographic films, slides, glass plate negatives and print collections. We digitize to exacting standards on equipment that produces low noise and high-dynamic range.

  • 35mm slides and negatives, medium and large format films up to 8x10. 
  • Glass plates and other historic photographic collections up to 8x10. 
  • Other transparent materials up to 12x16 such as x-ray films. 
  • Photographic prints and small artwork up to 12x17.

Our digital conversion service for archiving and image preservation includes creating master tiffs with careful, accurate color / density balancing using QC targets within the original film or targets placed on the scanner for prints at time of scanning. 

Derivative images as well as post-scan image processing can be created to your specifications and measured against published standards. 

In addition, Brechin provides all the associated quality metadata for image preservation requirements that you require.

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